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About Me

I'm an Australia based trance music producer, presenter of the Club Trance podcast and above all else a massive trance music fan. Creatively I'm driven by the positive energy that can be created by a combination of uplifting electronic sounds, galloping drum beats, fat bass and the thought of positive like minded people ripping it up on the dance floor. For me it's not just about the music it's the complete package, the dance culture, atmosphere, people, visual sights and the adventures that can be created by the magic of dance events by the likes of Gatecrasher, Cream, Trance Energy, Sensation, Armin Only, Global Gathering, Pharmacy and Transmission. How could I forget lasers, I love lasers.

I use Ableton Live running on Windows 10 for my production work. The Mac Pro line has become to expesive and with no PCIe expansion it was time to move to Windows 10 with a new PC based on the Intel i7-7820X. I must admit Windows 10 works well with this my first none Mac computer in 12 years.

I love Trance and that's the type of music I like to write. I love the way it stirs up emotion and takes me on a journey. I love how you can incorporate the best from many styles and combine them into an emotional wonderland.

I urge you to discover the esoteric powers of the naturally stimulated brain and experience some of the beautiful forms of consciousness that ultimately awaits us all...


Club Trance

For every podcast I select my favorite tunes and put them into the Club Trance Podcast which runs for one hour, download it completely free from iTunes. Expect a wicked selection of the hottest in Trance, Tech and Progressive. These tracks will go way beyond your expectations and imagination, some may even surprise you. Club Trance is about those tracks which inspire and move you emotionally and make you wish you were at a massive trance party dancing madly lost in the crowd without a care in the world reaching up for the lasers. This without a doubt is a must for all trance music fans!

You can download the podcast from the providers bellow for free. The podcasts are also provided for direct download. The track names will be embedded in the audio file. The podcast is delivered in high quality m4v format.

Enjoy! (;-}

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