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About Me

I'm an Australia based Trance music fan, presenter of the Club Trance podcast and all-round electronic music fan. I'm driven by the positive energy that can be created by a combination of uplifting electronic sounds, galloping drum beats, fat bass and the thought of positive like minded people ripping it up on the dance floor. For me it's not just about the music it's the complete package, the dance culture, atmosphere, people, visual sights and the adventures that can be created by the magic of dance events by the likes of Sensation, Trance Energy, Armin Only, Gatecrasher, Global Gathering, Sublime, Hard Kandy, Pharmacy and Transmission and the many small clubs that play trance.

I use Ableton Live for my production work and I use NI Traktor Z2 and my trusty Technics 1210M3D turntables which are over 20 years old, they realy used to build things to last in the past.

I love most styles of trance and that's the type of music I like to write but also have a soft spot for techno, tech & progressive house, heavy metal. In saying that I allways find my self coming back to trance because I love the way it stirs up emotion and takes me on a journey. I also love how you can incorporate the best from many styles and combine them into a trance production and create emotional wonderland.

I urge you to discover the esoteric powers of the naturally stimulated brain and experience some of the beautiful forms of consciousness that ultimately awaits us all...


The Journey Continues

Here is a selection of music that I have produced. I share these tracks so that you can follow my progress. It's been some time since I've writen any music but my inspiration is back and I will be working on new music in 2020.

You don't become good by just showing up to the party. I've gotten this far as a result of hard work, continuous improvement and a deep understanding that quality maters. When you do things right, people notice and you earn their respect. There are no shortcuts. It sounds so simple doesn't it? So while you're listening to my music you'll probably never know the time, effort and dedication that went into producing a song. You can follow my progress as the journey continues.

Club Trance Podcast

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