Club Trance

For every podcast I select my favourite tunes and put them into the Club Trance Podcast which runs for one hour. Expect a wicked selection of the hottest in Trance, Tech and Progressive, new and classics. These tracks will go way beyond your expectations and imagination, some may even surprise you. Club Trance is about those tracks which inspire and move you emotionally and make you wish you were at a massive trance party dancing madly lost in the crowd without a care in the world reaching up for the lasers. This without a doubt is a must for all trance music fans!

Each podcast will consist of 10 tracks recorded form my vinyl collection up to 2007 and everything after that will be digital. It will all be mixed on Technics 1210 MK3s and a pioneer DJM 600 all run through NI Traktor Scratch Pro without any edits.

You can download or stream the podcast from the providers bellow for free.

Enjoy! (;-}